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Purple Chrysanthemums

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April Showers Brings May Flowers?

Baby it's cold outside!

Wednesday 4/21 ~ No  Service ~ Wind & Rain

Thursday 4/22 ~ No Service ~ Below 40 degrees and high winds!

Friday 4/23 ~ We're  on! 


When are services scheduled?

Mid to late March and mid to late November each year, covering peak tick and mosquito seasons.

Services are completed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and on occasion, Saturdays, dependent on weather.

2021 Updated Treatment Schedule:

Organic- Spring & Fall every 3-4 weeks; Summer every 2-3 weeks.

Regular- Bi Monthly


Do you schedule appointments?

There are too many variables in what we do to schedule appointments and do not want to disappoint our customers.  We do plan ahead, however that plan shifts frequently with the weather!

Please let us know if there is anything that may impact our servicing your property, such as construction, landscaping, planned functions, etc. and we’ll do our best to schedule around them.


How do we know when your coming?

Due to COVID-19 we are providing "contactless" service and will send the below service notifications:

- Email/Text reminder the day before service

- Text on the way to your home

- Text when we arrive at your home

- If we see any issues while treating, we will text you

- Email when service is complete

- If you pay for services as they are provided, we will email you an invoice you can pay online or mail with a check.

Previously we knocked on your door upon arrival.  If you need to see us face to face please let us know.   We'll come to the door wearing a mask, and hope that you will be too.


Do I need to be home for service?

You don't need to be home. You will be assigned the same protection specialist for the entire season. They will get to know you and your property.


How do I prepare for service?

Please ensure all people and pets are inside at the time of service.

Close any open windows. The essential oils are fragrant.

Please ensure any locked gates are unlocked.  If you have a pool or pets within a locked gate during service hours, please let us know.

Services take 15-30 minutes on average to complete.  Early spring services may take longer dependent on how much leaf material you have.


When can we use the yard again?

You can use your yard after the treatment dries, which is generally within an hour.


What weather conditions affect treatment?

Mother Nature makes scheduling a challenge for us, due to our frequently changing weather conditions.

We will not complete service in conditions that we believe will affect your treatment in any way.

We need to ensure the efficacy of our products, and the safety of your plant material, property, and our technicians.

On the day of a scheduled service we may postpone (and notify you as soon as possible) if we experience the below conditions:

~ Heavy Rain (same day)

~ High Wind

~ Temperature Below 45 degrees

~ Temperature Above 90 degrees

In the spring (before plant leaves mature) we treat ground level to kill adult insects, eggs and larvae. This is an instant kill and isn't affected by rain.

When plants are mature and no longer flowering, we begin treating the leaves, which sets up a protective barrier. Torrential rains within 24 hours will affect this barrier- please contact us if you believe your recent treatment was compromised.


Should I stop using personal protection products?

We encourage you to continue to protect your family and treat your pets with supplemental resources as recommended by your family doctor or veterinarian. We cannot control or contain mother nature and are not responsible for any insect disease infections.


Will I still see insects?

We wish that we could promise an insect free yard and home.  Mother Nature will not allow us to.  

The products we use will reduce and deter the insect populations on your property. Each treatment strengthens your barrier.

Part of what we do at TrueBlue is partner with our customers to inform them of ways they can reduce their exposure to insects by clearing insect habitat such as leaf litter and yard debris around the property, especially near where you and your family spend time in your yard. 

Our promise to you, our family:

​We will protect your property and home, as if it were our own.

Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal. If you are not satisfied, contact us for a re-treatment at no additional charge. 


Do you have a referral program?

Yes! When your referral signs up and pays for 3 treatments or more you receive a free treatment on your account. Referrals are unlimited.