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What We Offer

We offer several services that will reduce insect populations on your property.

Our natural products kill insects on impact and create residual protective barriers to

deter them until your next treatment. 

We reduce the use of pesticides by implementing techniques and strategies to reduce insect populations by providing recommendations to homeowners on how to help make their property less desirable to insects.

Mother & Daughter

Yard Protection Program

Your protection specialist will treat known insect habitat and highly utilized areas of your property with a safe essential oil based product, ensuring coverage of:


  • Property Perimeter: 15 ft up & 15 ft out into dense foliage

  • All non flowering plant material

  • Rock walls

  • Decaying material, i.e. leaves, grass, wood, brush

  • Decks & grilling areas, underside if accessible

  • Children's play areas

  • Mulch beds

  • Dog Pens

  • Water sources close to your property

  • Treatment of standing water sources with an organic larvicide to destroy larvae before they hatch.

Laying on Grass

Yard Protection Program


Receive all of the benefits of the Yard Protection Program above, PLUS - grass treatment in the spring and fall during cooler temperatures.

Suburban House

Home Protection Program

Your personally assigned protection specialist will treat your home perimeter with a safe essential oil based product that will deter crawling insects from entering, ensuring coverage of:

  • Home Foundation:  3 ft up and 3 ft out

  • Doorways

  • Porch Entry

  • Stairs

  • Under window frames

  • Window wells

2024 Program Schedule

Each season our services follow the weather. 

We begin service in March and treat every 3-4 weeks through November.

​Deer ticks are active year round, but are most active with temperatures above 40, less than 70. They lay eggs in the spring, do not like hot temperatures and hide out in brush/leaf material in the shade.

Mosquitoes start slowly in the spring, peak in the summer, and taper off into fall. They will lay their last eggs in the fall (which survive the winter) and die after the first freeze.

* NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED- start and stop services anytime!


Payment Options & Specials


$65 per treatment - minimum 7 treatments

10% discount with prepayment


Before Thanksgiving- 10% discount

Purchase 12 visits- One visit free

Purchase 10 visits- 50% off one visit

Before New Years- 10% discount

Before March 1st- 7% discount

After March 1st- 5% discount

Unused prepay is fully refundable and or transferable to the next season, if requested.




~ Auto Pay/Budget Billing ~

Divide the total of your services equally into monthly payments, charged on the same date each month, to your on file credit card, interest free, no credit check required

~ Invoice Billing ~

We'll email an invoice after each service 

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