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How It Works


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​Do you require a service contract? 

No contracts! You are free to make changes to your account/programs at any time.

Are you an exterminator?

No.  We do not treat active infestations, nests, colonies, wood destroying insects, the interior of buildings, or provide extermination services.

We provide protection and prevention services.  Our products will kill targeted insects present during treatment and leave a protective deterrent barrier.

Why do you recommend treating early spring through fall?

Treating early in the spring and into the fall will significantly reduce insect populations on your property year round. 

Deer ticks are active above 30 degrees. They lay up to 3,000 eggs each spring and peak again in October.  Mosquito larva over winter and begin hatching on days above 50.

I’m concerned about beneficial insects being harmed. 

What do you do to address this concern?

We protect beneficial insects such as butterflies, lady bugs, and honeybees, by not treating any plant or tree that is currently flowering or has insects feeding on the plant.

What type of products do you treat with?

TrueBlue has chosen to utilize only products that are National Organic Program compliant.  They are essential/botanical oil-based products, such as cedar, rosemary, peppermint, wintergreen, lemongrass, geraniol, and castor oil.


Naturally occurring products have many benefits; they are safer for the environment, people, pets, wildlife and aquatic life. They break down faster, leaving a minimal footprint on the environment. 

For customers that have heavy infestations we can and are licensed to use chemical pesticides to help knock down high populations.  We utilize only minimal risk products and generally offer this service during the early spring and fall, as a supplement, as requested.

How do the products you utilize work?

Our products control insects with an octopamine blocker, which leads to a breakdown in the insect’s central nervous system.  Mammals, birds and fish do not have receptors for octopamine; therefore, the botanical oils that we use do not affect them adversely.

Are you concerned with insects becoming resistant to treatments?

YES!  Proactively we rotate the products that we utilize to reduce the chance of immune resistance.

Can I stop utilizing other protection products once we start your program?

No- please do not let your guard down. Our treatments are supplemental. We encourage you to continue to protect your family and treat your pets with supplemental resources as recommended by your family doctor or veterinarian.  We cannot control or contain mother nature and are not responsible for any insect disease infections.

Will my yard be insect free?

Mother Nature will not allow us to promise you that your yard and home will be insect free. 

We can promise that you will see a reduction in populations while we set up and maintain insect barriers. 

Animals (mice, birds, skunks, squirrels, deer) will bring new ticks into the yard.  New water sources will form, and new mosquitoes will hatch. 

If you experience an issue, please let us know.  We’ll come back out free of charge and retreat before your next visit.

Do you treat edible plants and trees?

Our treatments are safe for use around fruit, vegetable and spice gardens, however, we do not treat any edible plants or trees, and always recommend washing any edibles before consuming.

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